Grey Hares (Winter Bunnies)


The Winter piece of the "Seasons of the Bunny" series. Based loosely on Hiroshige's print entitled "Evening Snow Kanbara".

Although the rest of the images were simply done simply to make a pretty image, after everything that has happened in our life since i did the first piece in the series for the cover of Giant Robot 28, this last one ended up having more meaning to us. Winter. Death. The end. The end of this series of images. The idea of it came from thinking about kozy's grandparents who live up in the mountains in Yamanashi. At the time i was making this, kozy's grandpa fell ill and had to be put on a respirator to stay alive (he did end up coming through though and is still hanging in there three months later). This is the only image in the series in which we placed ourselves - its a bit of a love letter to ourselves telling each other we'd like to grow old together.

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