Portraits From the (Off) Center of The Universe

pencil, digital

What we said about it at the time: There is a battle going in in the Seattle suburb called Fremont. long a bastion of individuality and "hippie" ethics, like so many places it is being taken over by the corporate machine. The statues that guard the neighborhood seem a bit perturbed by it all and the salmon have decided to tthrown in their 2 cents as well (or maybe they have all decided they want to become tasty sashimi for us to fill our bellies with). i don't know - this one is just all over the place - if you are from Fremont you probably get this piece (and you should buy this piece as well, heh heh).

Looking back: We made this panoramic in part to be the centerpiece in a kaiten sushi bar that was opening at the intersection depicted here. The owners flew us out to Seattle, put us up, and showed us all around the town, giving us history of the area, in particular Fremont. We took all this back home, along with photos of the owners of the sushi bar and their chef, and started throwing all the ideas we had into the piece. I don't think we left anything out, for better or for worse. its a bit too "touristy" in a sense. I think whenever we do a project that is at all meant to benefit some company, we tend to box ourselves in and limit our thinking to something that would be considered pleasing to the lowest common denominator. I don't think we really need to do this, but even today we have trouble really putting in the more twisted things we might think of if we are working for a client (although technically speaking we weren't really working for a client here). Personally though i really like how the "storylines" of the school girls and the robots collide in this piece - i always kind of imagine the girls marrying these robots and going off on adventures together, wherever our panoramics take them.