pencil, digital

The first part of the PUMA x kozyndan line was based around a modified version of an old panoramic of ours. The rest of the line (including the Clydes released early in the year) was built around a panoramic we created entirely new. I would say we created it "for the project", but really they let us just do our thing for the most part aside from asking us to add some shoe related details (When we release this image as a print in the future we will probably take most out except for the "puma attacking the goddess Nike" characters, which seem to fit well of their own accord).

"The flooding of the Prinsengracht" is set in Amsterdam obviously and touches on a number of things we thought about while in Amsterdam last time - global warming, drug tourism, the various great artists that have come out of the Netherlands, the horrors of the 24 hour news cycle, and the wonder of Vla!

Also of note: We actually completed this panoramic in November of 2007 while in New Zealand. We have kept the piece under wraps for a year and a half due to the long cycle of getting a clothing line to market !