or "(My Mother thought she had SARS, but it turned out to be PMS)"
pencil, digital

What we said about it at the time: This panoramic depicts the imaginary history of the Yum Cha militia's (An old chinese ladies' auxilliary group that most spends it time playing mah jong and gossiping, but which rises to the occasion when called upon) defense of San Francisco's Chinatown from gleeful marauding SARS viruses. Armed only with dim-sum the brave women pushed back the invaders to keep San Fran free of the disease. This went almost entirely unknown to most of the public, but this was of little concern to the militia - they just wanted to get back to gossiping...

Looking back: Still one of our favorite panoramics to this day. We love everything about it - the color, the humorous, topical main narrative, the way re-occurring characters (the school girls) observe the main narrative, the overall flow of the piece. Also the butcher chasing the escaping roasted ducks is still funny to me every time i see it. It should be noted that the main reason we chose to do this panoramic is so that we could depict the fashion sense of old Chinese ladies in the US, which is totally off the wall. These ladies have some kind of style!