The Descent

gouache on paper
11 in x 22.5 in

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The Kachido

gouache on paper
30 in x 22.5 in

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Domo Arigato Mr. Nakamura

"Domo Arigato Mr. Nakamura"
2002 pencil, digital

What we said about it at the time: A little experiment in madness - 3 weeks staight of painting in Photoshop...often times attacking this 15,000 pixel image with a 1 pixel brush to achieve detail that is lost here on the web (you have to see the large canvas print). Basically we liked the shit that Eric is pimping over at his wonderful Giant Robot shop on Sawtelle in LA, so we decided to draw it. Then we added some customers we wish we could be shopping amongst! Seriously - everyone should check the place out - especially since our work can be seen there now!

Looking back: With each piece the format of the panoramics became more solidified. In this piece the commitment to adding our own characters to the pieces becomes dominant, and the first sets of recurring characters (the school girls, and the two clunky robots) show up. Also this is the first piece where we moved away from flat coloring and began to really "paint" the panoramics.

More importantly though is that this piece is really what enabled us to have a career in illustration and art. We came into GR and asked Eric Nakamura if we could illustrate his store, and he said "Sure!" We took some reference photos and came back a month later with a nearly complete version of it and he really liked it. He soon contacted us to ask us to illustrate for Giant Robot and then asked us to do a show at the shop. 2 weeks after graduating college we became the first artists to ever show at a GR Store (there was only one store at the time), and the attention his promotion for the show garnered us got us illustration jobs and basically introduced us to the world. We owe the jump start our career had entirely to Eric.

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Around the House

"Around the House"
2001 pencil digital

What we said about it at the time: The one that started it all....yes this is our apartment as it looked in the summer of 2001 (except there is actually very little pink in our place). A little peak into our world and process. Life is sweet.

Looking back: Seeing this again stirs up all kinds of nostalgia. We moved in together after dating just a year. It all seemed so natural - living with one another was always quite easy. We found each other to be easy going, with similar tolerances for disorder and uncleanliness. ALWAYS live with someone BEFORE you marry them... Its also nice to see which objects in our apartment are still with us, and which have been lost along the way.

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Cuddling Puggles

"Cuddling Puggles"
2008 gouache on Shikishi paper
10.5 x 9.5 inches

Kozy made this little painting for a group show at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle called “A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" which ran during February of 2008.

You can purchase this original painting in our Etsy shop - CLICK HERE!

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Pacific Drift

This is another panoramic that depicts a "battle" of sorts. Coagulated masses of human refuse are moving out from their birthplace in the North Pacific Gyre, destroying everything in their path on the way towards human civilization on land. The coral reefs (and we humans by proxy even though we probably don't deserve it) however have defenders - the bunnyfish! A school of bunnyfish is defending this reef with their teeth and tails. Can bunnyfish somehow eat and digest all this plastic and garbage?

Click HERE to see the piece as a QTVR!

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