Whale Wars tin

UK ad agency The Brooklyn Brothers asked us to design and illustrate a label for can of whale meat as part of an ad campaign for the Discovery Channel show "Whale Wars".

Our design was turned into a 10 foot tall fake can of whale meat promoting the show which was installed in several trains stations in the UK, as well as other promotional items.

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The Amorous Nudibranchs Paint the Town Red

(and Orange and Yellow and Green and Blue and Violet)...

pencil and digital

It is, we think, our interpretation of a most basic of platitudes: "Love can change the world!" Although in this case, it is the new found love is between two giant land-locked magical sea slugs, out on their first date in the streets of Soho. Everywhere they go the world becomes more vibrant, more alive. Some people notice the change, and some do not, but we are all in some way affected.

Click HERE to see the piece as a QTVR!

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sea lions

Kozy dove with sea lions off Santa Barbara Island.  It was her first time in the water with wild sea lions - they dove, spun, darted, barked all around her, and even nipped at her wetsuit hood.  She thinks they are the cutest creatures around and dang are they fast! Zoom zoom!

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Kozy <3 Hosono Haruomi

He is one of my favorite music talents.

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Jogger covering "Superman" at the Echo in Los Angeles, CA. May 25th, 2009

Our friends Jonathan Larroquette and Amir Yagmai have an awesome band called Jogger. Here there are covering Laurie Anderson's song "Superman" in most amazing fashion.

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Channel Islands Dive Trip 2009

knd under Catalina at Eagle's Nest


Kozy floating from below
Kozy descending into the kelp forest off San Clemente Island.


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The Shark Charmer

gouache on paper
14x20 in

Painting of an ama who has hypnotized a hammerhead and tiger shark. The piece was originally created for a benefit event to raise awareness about shark finning put on by the Tokyo based group Pangeaseed.

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