Ambonya Morning

November 9, 2010 We were in a very isolated place. Tourists don't come to Ambon much I don't think. Even divers don't come to this silty sandy trash strewn bay for the most part. We were her with a group of underwater photographers though who appreciated the muck diving in the bay of Ambon for the treasures it held - tiny beautiful creatures that are hard to spot on a coral reef, but easy enough to spot crawling across the sand or sitting on an empty paint can in 10 feet of water.

The little dive resort we were staying at had no internet and no TVs and i wake up early mostly, so I found a lot of time to draw. This morning I just watched the sun coming over the mountains on the opposite side of the bay and drew what i saw.

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Preparing for a Water Birth

Recording a stage of our friend's pregnancy for posterity. AKA a day of fun and sun in the Hollywood Hills. August 2009

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Ambon Journal Panels

Daily panels created while doing a night dive safari on the Indonesian island of Ambon, November 2011.

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Its not surprising that Ski utilized this classic Hawaiian prop in many of his photo shoots. The ukulele is a personal fav of mine - if a woman can play the ukulele, i will almost instantly fall for her.

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underwater portrait of us by Sean Moris

Sean Morris, artist extraordinaire from Perth, Australia, did this lovely portrait of us. Soooo good! You rock Sean!

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The Flooding of the Prinsengracht

pencil, digital

Set in Amsterdam, this panoramic touches on a number of things we were thinking about last time we were in that city - global warming, drug tourism, Sinterclaas, the various great artists that have come out of the Netherlands, the horrors of the 24 hour news cycle, and the wonder of Vla!

Buy a signed and numbered limited edition print HERE!

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