We Come Together To Make the World Fun!

acrylic gouache on paper
22 x 30 in (56 x 76 cm)

Painting of endangered red pandas. Their looks and frenetic play exudes an infectious sense of joy.

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Succumb 1

acrylic on board
12 x 12 inches

Painting made by kozy based on one of Dan's underwater photos. From our 2013 show, "End of Summer Never Ends", at Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles.

This painting is for sale now!

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Succumb 2

12 x 12 in
acrylic on board

painting for our upcoming exhibition at Giant Robot gallery in Los Angeles that opens September 7, 2013.

Custom prints and other products based on this image are available through our Society 6 profile.

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Sliping into Nirvana

acrylic on paper
24 x16 in approx.

For our show at Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

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Like a Many Layered Onion

acrylic on paper
11.5x8 in


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Cannibalism Series

acrylic and gel pen on paper

A series that initially evolved out of a strange shrooming experience on a steamy Tokyo night...has something vaguely to do with types of human abuse, and a lot t

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5 bunnies

acrylic on framed photo reproduction

quick painting made for a charity art exhibition in London.

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Fishy Greetings

18x24 in
acrylic on board

Painting we made for the Sanrio 50th Anniversary exhibition in Los Angeles entitled "Small Gift". It depicts the wondrous and unlikely greeting that Hello Kitty received from a school of fish in the sea off Catalina Island, CA while scuba diving.

Sanrio produced an edition of 50 archival digital prints, signed and numbered by us. A few are still available through "Small Gift" curators JapanLA

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Rising Tide

9 x 9 in.
acrylic on board

Detail from a painting Dan did for the "Year of the Rabbit" group exhibition at GR2.

February 5 – March 2, 2011

According to Dan "I have found myself doing several variations of rabbits sort of surfing or swimming in the ocean, on waves, under the sea, etc, so i wanted to add at least one image that depicted something closer to what might actually happen if a rabbit somehow found itself in a massive ocean wave..."

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