Proper Business People now!

We haven't had new business cards done up in years since we don't get out much, but recently I thought we should take ourselves more seriously so I had some made up.  I have to say these new Luxe business cards by MOO knocked our socks off.  They are just amazing in qaulity - the feel of the paper, the weight, the printing quality, even the packaging it comes in - just super nice!  It almost makes me want to go out and netowork! So cool.  


moo cards

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Passing Tuxedo Felines on the Journey to the Next Dimension

pussy painting

"Passing Tuxedo Felines on the Journey to the Next Dimension"
10" x 9" x 6"
Acrylic on plaster

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Tales of the Bunnyfish Vol. 1 book available now at


We made this book for fun for some friends about a year ago, but we have decided to make it public for everyone to enjoy if they so choose.

It is a scrap book of photography and paintings about the travels of a bunnyfish who has left the seas to learn more about the human world above, as well his homesick memories of the sea he left behind. Natural wonders, cities filled with history, beautiful woman he sees and learns so much!

*Note: This is NOT a children's book. Do not purchase this book for a child unless they like nudity and sex!

Prices vary depending on the style of book you decide to buy.

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Opening in Toronto was a blast!

Our opening in Toronto on Thursday, October 1st, was our first in over a year, and what a nice welcome back to exhibiting. The fans in Toronto are lovely and made us feel really welcomed. Also, according to kozy, they all have "GREAT hair!" So there you go Toronto - kozy has spoken and you have great hair. Thanks so much to everyone who came out!


installation 1

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Giant Robot 15 Years Biennale opens this weekend

Giant Robot Biennale 2: 15 Years

October 24, 2009 - January 24, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Japanese American National Museum
369 East First Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 625-0414

In 1994, Giant Robot was born with the purpose of documenting and promoting new, up-and-coming, underdog, overlooked, and hybrid Asian and Asian-American popular culture. Fifteen years later, the self-published magazine has not only evolved from a stapled-and-folded zine into a full-color, glossy publication with an international following, but also opened trend-setting shops and influential art galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

To celebrate the magazine's longevity, energy, and loyal readership, the second Giant Robot Biennale is being hosted by the Japanese American National Museum in Downtown Los Angeles from October 24, 2009 to January 24, 2010. The event will feature several exhibits, including the following: To provide a visual overview of the Giant Robot aesthetic, publisher Eric Nakamura is curating artwork by individuals who have contributed to shows at Giant Robot's galleries, been featured in the pages of the magazine, or even contributed cover art. The main hall will include installations by

David Choe
Theo Ellsworth
James Jean
Stella Lai
Jack Long
Albert Reyes
Souther Salazar
Rob Sato
Jeff Soto
Deth P. Sun

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A Harras of Yakut Horses

"A Harras of Yakut Horses"
gouache on paper 11 x 10 in

A painting kozy did for a show opening tomorrow night here in Los Angeles.

Come check it out at the opening tomorrow night if you can.


New Works Based on Terms of Venery

Collected by Linda Pine

Curated by Linda Pine & Nicole Bruckman

December 5, 2009
6-9 p.m.
Gallery Meltdown
7522 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90046

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"Strangers" Group exhibition at Bold Hype Gallery, NYC - June 3, 2010


Next month we have a solo show in London and we are also in a group exhibition in New York City. The group exhibition is at the newly relocated Bold Hype Gallery and features quite a lot of awesome artists. The show opens June 3, 2010. If you are around NYC that night, check it out!

We will be debuting a new panoramic there! Limited edition prints and posters will be available.

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