New Bunny Blossom Dinnerware pieces out NOW!

New Additions to our "Bunny Blossom" dinnerware from This Is A Limited Edition are out NOW!  Teapot, oliver bowl, and espresso set just released. Each lovely bone china piece is sequentially numbered from an edition of 1000.

Get them HERE!!!


The new pieces with Espresso Set in forground

3 pieces

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"Black Bunny Blossom" cushion out now!

NEW kozyndan "BLACK bunny blossom" limited edition art cushion is available now from Click  For Art.

We have released several cushions with them in the past and I have to say, they make a great product.  The cushions are so soft and the print quality so fine.  

As we prepared to create the silk screen edition of our "Bunny Blossom" earlier this year, our printer showed us a misprinted version of the print as a color proofing.  In it he had printed the bunnies black instead of white.  We thought the image rather striking, but it was just a one off misprint and never recreated… until now for this cushion! We dig it!



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Bunny Blossoms


The Spring image in the "Seasons of the Bunny" series.

Purchase it now from our shop!

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New panoramic prints have arrived!

We are releasing a new panoramic in about 10 days. Its debuting at the upcoming Giant Robot Biennale at the Japanese American National Museum which opens on October 24th, 2009.

Like previous panoramics it is an edition of 1200 offset prints. Approximately 39 x 8 in on 80lb cover stock with a mat coating. Each is signed and numbered by one of us.

new panoramic prints have arrived!

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Our new Panoramic in QuickTImeVR

"Nakano in Spring" QTVR

"Nakano in Spring"
pencil, digital

We have, with the last several pieces at least, been making our panoramics to meet up at the left and right edges so that the image is a complete 360° view. This means that it actually works best when you can kind of "immerse" yourself in the image.

I find that the old school QuickTimeVR format works great for this so i always make one for each panoramic that we make 360°.

I made it pretty large, so its more than a 3MB download.

Click HERE to view the panoramic as a QTVR!

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Our new dinnerware is now available!

ClickforArt has just released a full set of kozyndan Bunny Blossom Dinnerware!  They came out beautiful!

You can get them from ClickforArt now!

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