This Is Where We Stopped Trying To Make Sense Of It All

20 x 16 inches
acrylic and ink on board


arch painting

Inspired by our trip to the desert parks of Utah earlier this month, Dan did a sketch of a sandstone arch that resembled two lovers embracing. I liked the sketch and ran with it to make this painting. The whole time we were in Utah we couldn't believe how unreal the scenery of the Colorado Plateau was. We kept thinking that Moebius must have been inspired by these places, so this painting is definitely a bit of an homage to the French bandes dessinées master as well as to the mind bending grandeur of this desert landscape. If you ever have the chance to go to Utah - DO IT!

We sent this painting off to Detroit for the LAX/DTW exhibition being curated by Thinkspace Gallery. The exhibition, featuring over 80 artists, is being held at Innerstate Gallery and runs June 6th through July 4th, 2015.

More info:

This original painting can be purchased right HERE!

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We Come Together To Make the World Fun!

acrylic gouache on paper
22 x 30 in (56 x 76 cm)

Painting of endangered red pandas. Their looks and frenetic play exudes an infectious sense of joy.

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Succumb 1

acrylic on board
12 x 12 inches

Painting made by kozy based on one of Dan's underwater photos. From our 2013 show, "End of Summer Never Ends", at Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles.

This painting is for sale now!

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Magnetospheric S.O.S.

A small painting for our upcoming exhibition at Narwhal Gallery in Toronto (opening November 16, 2012) has also been uploaded to our Society 6 account.  There you can find a lot of rare kozyndan images available for prints, cards, iPhone cases, T-shirts and more.

polar bear

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Cuddling Puggles

"Cuddling Puggles"
2008 gouache on Shikishi paper
10.5 x 9.5 inches

Kozy made this little painting for a group show at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle called “A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" which ran during February of 2008.

You can purchase this original painting in our Etsy shop - CLICK HERE!

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Tales of the Bunnyfish Vol. 1 book available now at


We made this book for fun for some friends about a year ago, but we have decided to make it public for everyone to enjoy if they so choose.

It is a scrap book of photography and paintings about the travels of a bunnyfish who has left the seas to learn more about the human world above, as well his homesick memories of the sea he left behind. Natural wonders, cities filled with history, beautiful woman he sees and learns so much!

*Note: This is NOT a children's book. Do not purchase this book for a child unless they like nudity and sex!

Prices vary depending on the style of book you decide to buy.

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A Harras of Yakut Horses

"A Harras of Yakut Horses"
gouache on paper 11 x 10 in

A painting kozy did for a show opening tomorrow night here in Los Angeles.

Come check it out at the opening tomorrow night if you can.


New Works Based on Terms of Venery

Collected by Linda Pine

Curated by Linda Pine & Nicole Bruckman

December 5, 2009
6-9 p.m.
Gallery Meltdown
7522 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90046

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Susie Oh's rumination on bunnyfish

mixed media on paper and cardboard

This bunnyfish, as interpreted by the talented Susie Oh, is in quite a predicament!

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In the studio

We have been working away on new paintings for upcoming shows in Australia with Outré Gallery. Waves and witches and wreckage and nudibranches and crab and naked people... we like to mix it up.



Our exhibition entitled "Washed Away" will come through all Outré Gallery's locations and we will be there for each opening. We'll have new paintings, drawings, and a new panoramic, and who knows what else!

Open dates:
Melbourne - Friday 29 April
Perth - Friday 6 May
Sydney - Friday 13 May


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Bonding TIme

gouache on paper
22x18 in.

This original painting is currently available through Narhwal Art Projects.

Contact the gallery if you are interested in it.

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