The Shark Charmer

gouache on paper
14x20 in

Painting of an ama who has hypnotized a hammerhead and tiger shark. The piece was originally created for a benefit event to raise awareness about shark finning put on by the Tokyo based group Pangeaseed.

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"A Happy Day On A Dying Sea"

Gouache on paper
50 in x 44 in (128 cm x 112 cm) 

Painting we created for our exhibition "Breaking Circles, Broken Light" at Narwhal Gallery in Toronto. Sea otters!!!! How could anyone not love them?! We certainly do. So we created this painting celebrating the warm fuzzy feeling we get from sea otters, but also with a little reminder that they are almost gone from this world and clinging on to the last vestiges of their habitat that humans have not yet destroyed. :) Lovely and a little sad, but mostly lovely!!

A Poster of this painting is available now in OUR WEB SHOP!

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Magnetospheric S.O.S.

A small painting for our upcoming exhibition at Narwhal Gallery in Toronto (opening November 16, 2012) has also been uploaded to our Society 6 account.  There you can find a lot of rare kozyndan images available for prints, cards, iPhone cases, T-shirts and more.

polar bear

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gouache, pencil, glitter, resin, on board
12 x 12 in

Piece kozy made for the cool group exhibition Space/Form that is open now at Breezeblock Gallery in Portland, OR.

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I Kamikaze U

gouache on paper
22.5 x 15.5 in

Made for our show at GR2 in 2005.

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Bonding TIme

gouache on paper
22x18 in.

This original painting is currently available through Narhwal Art Projects.

Contact the gallery if you are interested in it.

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Graphite and gouache on paper
7.25 x 12 in.

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The Patterings

gouache on paper 2005

Series of small paintings made for our show at GR2 by the same name.

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Slow Ride

gouache on wood
12 x 12 in.

For our show at Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

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Astral Aurelia aurita 3

gouache on board
38 x 51 cm

From our exhibition entitled "And Then There Were None" in London at Nelly Duff Gallery in June 2010.

This original painting is available through Outré Gallery. Contact them for details if you are interested in owning it.

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