Our First Time in Tasmania

We have a limited amount of this 4 x 6 inch hand assembled accordion fold booklet that collects a series of paintings Kozy made based on our travels in through Tasmania back in March, 2016. Archival prints, chipboard, stamped and signed by us. A limited edition of 60 booklets. 

Tasmania booklet


Tasmania was filled with nature and had very few people. This is the kind of ratio we like to see in a place. We had such an amazing time in Tasmania that when we came back kozy wished that was still there, so she spent a lot of time with the photos we took and made paintings based on several memorial places and characters we encountered.  I hope we can go back again and explore more of that wonderful island.

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Bernie Bucks Stickers aow available in our web shop!


Kozy's "Bernie Bucks" stickers are finally available in our shop. They are cheap and we are donating profits to Bernie Sander's presidential campaign. if you are Feelin' the Bern, get your's now. Heck, get a bunch (discounts for buying 5 or 10 stickers) and spread them around!

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"Captives: Orcas and Pandas" archival print is now available!

Our latest edition to the "Animal Odd Couples" print series is finally released!  "Captives: Orcas and Pandas" is now available in our web shop, so go get yours while you can!

An Edition of 150 signed and numbered Fine-art Giclée prints on Somerset watercolor paper.  30" x 24" plus 3-inch border.

For the third image in our ongoing "Animal OddCouples" series, we again pair two animals that struggle due to careless human activity throughout the world. Though the plights of orcas (killer whales) and giant pandas may differ, they look great together, like ebony and ivory all mixed together! The visual combination was fun to pass on.


orcas and pandas

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"Black Bunny Blossom" cushion out now!

NEW kozyndan "BLACK bunny blossom" limited edition art cushion is available now from Click  For Art.

We have released several cushions with them in the past and I have to say, they make a great product.  The cushions are so soft and the print quality so fine.  

As we prepared to create the silk screen edition of our "Bunny Blossom" earlier this year, our printer showed us a misprinted version of the print as a color proofing.  In it he had printed the bunnies black instead of white.  We thought the image rather striking, but it was just a one off misprint and never recreated… until now for this cushion! We dig it!



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NEW!! Second season of PUMA x kozyndan now in stores worldwide!

The second season of our line of clothes and shoes with Puma is now in stores worldwide!

US puma online store

Puma online store Europe

It looks to me like the shoes are not in the US online store, which is a bummer, but I think they are available in the physical PUMA stores throughout the US as well as the world.

Like the first season, the designs were handled in house at Puma in London, based on artwork we created for the project.  The second season is based on a panoramic artwork depicting the flooding of Amsterdam!

PUMA x kozyndan El Rey in white.





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Limited Edition kozyndan tea cup and saucer is NOW AVAILABLE!


This is a bone china cup & saucer made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. There are only 250 to ever to be produced Each cup, saucer and art print is sequentially numbered. This design has a hidden bunny at the bottom of the cup. Included inside the presentation box is an artist signed & sequentially numbered art print, plus a certificate of authenticity with Artist Bio. The Cup stands 60mm (2 1/2") high and 87mm (3 1/2") across. Whilst the saucer is 160mm (6 1/4") across. Each Cup & Saucer retails at £39 ($60 US). CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW!

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New kozyndan pillows now available from This Is A Limited Edition



These beautiful pillows in 5 different kozyndan designs are constructed of super soft faux suede – printed one side – with a plain white back. Each has a feather filled inner.


A total of only 250 of each design is printed and each cushion is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Covers are printed in non-toxic waterbased inks. They are Machine washable

$60.00/£39.00 available from This Is A Limited Edition

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Limited Edition "Amorous Nudis" Canvas Holdall bag now available from Click4Art.com

Each bag is sequentially numbered (1-300) on the lining Certificate of Authenticity and the laser engraved handles.

Dimensions - 62cm x 33cm x 25cm. This is a unique piece of art that is proudly made in the United Kingdom.


Available at Click4Art.com



Luggage has never been so cool or collectible! Or so painstakingly designed, developed and delivered.

Featuring 6 designs from International artists. Each holdall is printed with a different front and back plus the artist’s design is then carried through to the specially printed lining. At the bottom of the lining is the uniquely printed Certificate of Authenticity - this is sequentially numbered - so each bag of the edition is unique.

Additionally the leather handles are laser engraved with the number of the edition - so 300 total means 300 total.


Each Holdall comes with a shoulder strap and Gold printed Dustbag - PLUS matching MiniBag & EyeMask included too.

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